Vimeo is Introducing New Profiles

Creators and videos are the heart and soul of Vimeo. And profile pages are the first place people look when they see an awesome video and want to find more, or to see what else that person has made. To help creators like you make the very best first impression on viewers, we’ve redesigned your profile to give you more control over how it looks, and how you showcase your videos online.

Once you log in and go to your new profile, you’ll notice a few changes:

Cleaner, less cluttered layout
We’ve stripped out unnecessary elements to draw more attention to what matters most: you and your videos. And instead of adding links to your bio, now you can display them as icons under your profile picture.

All-new cover videos
We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of cover photos at this point. But have you ever seen a cover video? Now’s your chance: click the “Cover video” button to choose a video or clip to loop silently at the top of your profile page for added customization—and awesomeness.