Unethical Life Hacks

1. In most places, cab drivers will hate taking their payment using a credit card. So, lets say that the fare is $12. Just say “sorry man, i’ll have to pay using card. i only have $10”. They will almost always reply “$10 is fine”. Using this while giving tips can work like a miracle too.

2. Most large shopping malls and large restaurants will have grace parking periods, so that if you pull in but you didn’t really ‘park,’ you can leave and pay nothing.Next time you park in one of these garages, grab a ticket like normal and go park. When you’re ready to leave, pull your car close to the entrance, and go push the button to get a fresh entrance ticket, time stamped to that moment (when you’re ready to leave). Then, just go to the exit and put your brand new ticket in the machine or hand it to the person. If you’re within the grace period, you will be charged nothing and you can leave.

Even if you’re a few minutes over, you’re paying for minutes rather than hours or days.

3. Take a picture when you are stuck in a traffic jam. Now next time you are late for something you have a “real” excuse.