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VIDEOGRAPHY: How to film yourself

How to film yourself when you don’t have anyone to help you record.   Read More

The Ultimate 2017 Landlord Checklist – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – I’m not saying I’m the best person for advice in being a great landlord but I have my share of experience. After years of doing rehabs, I’ve just purchased my first long-term rental property and put it on the market a few days ago. In preparation, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of Read More

How to Export Videos in Final Cut Pro X (THE EASY WAY)

Exporting videos in Final Cut Pro for Mac could be tricky but with these tips you could be saving your projects in no time. Read More

13 Ways To Annoy People on a Plane (VIDEO)

Air rage is a real thing and here we go through a number of reasons why people get passed off and mad on a plane. whether it is simple things like bringing stinky food on the plane or being stinky yourself to more serious matters like being drunk and violent on a plane. Here are Read More