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The Last Meal Criminals Request is the Last Meal the Inmate Will Ever Have

The choice of a last meal, is to select from items normally available from the prison kitchen. Pork chops. Fried chicken. Roast beef. Codfish. Sliced turkey breast. Maybe a steak, but not Chateubriand. Mashed or baked potatoes, or French Fries, but not twice-baked potato fromage. A simple salad, with an ordinary dressing. Common canned or Read More


How Do Prisoners Get So Buff After Having Bad Meals All the Time?

Eating bad and still getting gains. I have a friend that has been in and out of city and county jail, as well as state and federal prison his entire adult life. Great guy with a big heart; he just can’t help but make stupid decisions and get involved with the wrong people. Everything from Read More

Last Meal Death Row Request That Will Surprise You

Endless soup and salad buffet, which I would eat very slowly until the governor called with my pardon. But I don’t think one can do that. Most states with the death penalty place regulations on last meals. Many do not offer outside food — the order is cooked by the prison chef out of prison Read More

Trump Says Los Angeles-Founded MS-13 Gang Has ‘Literally Taken Over’ U.S. Cities

Trump Says Los Angeles-Founded MS-13 Gang Has ‘Literally Taken Over’ U.S. Cities

President Donald Trump on Thursday made a sweeping assertion that the MS-13 gang has “literally taken over” US cities — but his remarks about the violent street gang contained a number of misstatements or claims that were impossible to back up with evidence. MS-13 has been a frequent talking point of the Trump administration as Read More

Pimped Out Prison in the Philippines

On the island of Cebu in the Philippines, there are two jails. One is a third-world nightmare hell on earth full of happy, relaxed people. The other is a thoroughly modern facility where all the inmates are hateful, twitchy, and basically traumatized. Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center is a 30-year-old prison designed to house about 250 Read More