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VIDEOGRAPHY: How to film yourself

How to film yourself when you don’t have anyone to help you record.   Read More

This is What 20fps with No Blackout Looks Like on the Sony a9 paper151

This is What 20fps with No Blackout Looks Like on the Sony a9

This footage might confuse you at first. You might wonder, “when is he going to start shooting?” Here’s the thing: he already is. This is what 20 frames per second with no blackout and AE/AF tracking looks like on the newly announced Sony a9. Sony is currently holding a multi-day press event in New York Read More

Traveling Alone is Not As Bad As People Make It Seem paper151

Traveling Alone is Not As Bad As People Make It Seem

I spent 4 years traveling solo via motorcycle – no breaks. I hated eating alone, so when in restaurants, if I saw another solo diner, I first asked, “Do you speak English?”, and if yes, I asked “may I join you for dinner?” Only shot down one time that I can remember. I had some Read More

CANON: DSLR Camera Heaven at the Rio Olympics 2016

A room full of DSLR cameras is every photographers heaven Why do people love the Olympics so much? Sure there’s the breadth of international representation and one of the few times we all seem to get along under one roof, much less on one planet, but it’s the sheer soundbite quality to it all. Everything Read More

Reviewing the New DJI Phantom 4 Drone (VIDEO)

DJI PHANTOM 4 DRONE: The key features of the new drone revolve around it’s ability to actively track a subject. This means you can draw a box around a subject on the screen and the Phantom 4 will start to follow and track the subject without any direction from you. Most drones out there currently Read More

Reviewing the Iconic Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

At first glance the Canon EOS 70D may look like just another DSLR. But it’s oh so much more than that: the 70D wages all-out war against not only the rest of the mid-level DSLR market, but also has the technology to take on mirrorless models – often called compact system cameras – too. How Read More

Samyang 8mm Superwide Fisheye 180 Degree

The Samyang fisheye for Fuji X mount is a third party manual focus 8mm lens that allows for superwide and distorted fisheye photography at a low cost. This lens, at around £250 is a great addition for anyone looking at add a fisheye to their Fuji kit, currently the widest you can go with a Read More

The Benefits of Time-Lapse Photography (VIDEO)

TIME- LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY – The spectacular wilderness in California’s Mojave Desert ignited my time-lapse addiction. I’d casually set up a camera and tripod, point it at something lovely, program an interval and meander through the desert, my robot camera clicking away. I love that simplicity, and yet a recent innovation explosion brings powerful new tools, Read More

Reviewing the Iconic Canon EOS T3I DSLR Camera (600D)

Canon EOS 600D review – Features Back in 2003 Canon pretty much single-handedly kick-started the DSLR consumer market into life with the launch of the EOS 300D. It was the first truly affordable DSLR, and its 6.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor was considered cutting edge at the time. Since then, Canon has evolved its triple-digit, mid-level Read More