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Being an Undercover Cop for an Entire Day

A while back I got the chance to tag along in an undercover police car for one shift. This is what happened. 14.00: I met up with Olle and started out by asking what the hell it is he’s doing. He told me he’s with the CID, doing high profile violence and narcotics investigations. Olle: Read More

Is Slavery Back?

In Bucharest, you can buy a young girl for 8,000 euros. I mean buy them as in you own them forever or until you sell them to someone else. Most of them are sold by their parents in Moldova when they are little children. As soon as they’re bought, the owner brands them. This is Read More

The FBI Investigates the Hacking at The DCCC

Amid its ongoing probe into the cyber attack against the Democratic National Committee, the FBI has begun an investigation into a separate but possibly related hack of another group within the Democratic party—the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC hack and the FBI’s subsequent investigation was first reported by Reuters, on Friday. In a statement, Read More

Russians Hack Hillary Clintons Presidential Campaign

In an attack that apparently came from a Russian intelligence agency—and that may or may not be related to similar recent cyber attacks on other Democratic party organizations—computer systems tied to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have been hacked, New York Times andReuters reported on Friday. “An analytics data program maintained by the DNC, and used Read More

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