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The Difference in ‘Nonprime Loans’ Standards Today Compared ‘Subprime Loans’ from the Housing Crisis in Pekin, IL

The Local Records Office notes while all loans are not the same, borrowers in Pekin, Illinois at higher risk will need a higher down payment and will most likely have higher interest rates. Nonprime Loans are expanding mortgage options, with subprime mortgages that were blamed for sparking the housing crisis –are reappearing and being dubbed Read More

2 killed in crash with two Mustangs racing at high speed on Highway 249 on Christmas day

2 killed in crash with two Mustangs racing at high speed on Highway 249 on Christmas day

Highway 249 is again open tonight, but for much of the day officers had to cope with a wide debris field left behind after a deadly accident involving three cars and an SUV. Everywhere you turned, there seemed to be shattered glass and twisted metal scattered across all six lanes of traffic. But it was Read More

UC-Davis Chancellor Charged School Big Money For Lavish Travel

Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC-Davis, was placed on leave in April after an outcry over conflicts of interest, nepotism, and grossly unwise spending of the university’s money. It turns out she (and her husband) also enjoyed a great deal of international travel at the school’s expense. The chancellor of a public university is a public employee. Read More

Meet the Israeli Architect Investigating Bombings in Syria

Meet the Israeli Architect Investigating Bombings in Syria (VIDEO)

We spent the day with Eyal Weizman, an Israeli architect who’s using cellphone footage, floor plans, and road maps to investigate bombings in various war zones. Now, with his research agency Forensic Architecture, he’s bringing scientists, journalists, and graphic designers together to analyze destroyed buildings for evidence of human rights abuses. Read More

New York City’s Famed Carnegie Deli Closing Friday at Midnight

Craig DeGregorio from Long Island, said he waited for nearly 90 minutes to chow down on its signature dish, a mountainous, $20 pastrami sandwich. “I figured this was the last chance I was going to get to come here,” he said, adding that the visit was also his first. “I really didn’t mind waiting at Read More

Serving in the War Destroyed my Life

Andy Julien was 18 years old and had been serving in Iraq for two months with the Queen’s Royal Lancers when his Challenger tank came under fire south of Basra. Andy and Lance Corporal Daniel Twiddy had been asleep on top of the tank when they were attacked. An eyewitness later told a Ministry of Read More

Birds Eye View of Iraq

Do you know that thing Denzel Washington said in Philadelphia, where the mean older lawyers would be equivocating (that means lying) and he’d go, “I don’t get it. Tell it to me like I’m a five-year-old.” When he said it, he meant, “Cut the shit.” But when we say it, we mean, “Seriously, daily reports Read More

Man-Made Disasters

You don’t need to live in the smog-, garbage-, and disease-choked third world to be in the firing line of man-made disaster. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of IF you will get a disease from breathing the air where you live. It’s a matter of WHEN. Unless you’re in a cabin Read More

They Call Him ‘The Dynamite Man’

This habit of blowing things up started back when I was about 17. My dad was in road construction and always had dynamite and fuses in his basement. I would nick dynamite and I would blow things up. One day I had assembled my own dynamite stick and fuse and I lit it up and Read More

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