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Real Estate: Is it Better to Invest in Private or Public Equity?

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – “Lets be honest the world of investments is ever changing, its 2016 and the real estate game is not the same it was 10-20 years ago” says, Local Records Office. Gone are the days when the best investment option would be dropping your life’s savings in banks to earn interest. Now, Read More

Deals That Sound Too Good in Real Estate – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – We have all heard the term “you make your money when you buy and collect it when you sell”. It is like a job, you work all week and than you go pick up your paycheck. What if you got paid when you bought the house AND when you sold or Read More

Real Estate: Family and Business Don’t Mix, A Real Estate Story

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – Friends and business don’t mix, it doesn’t matter what people say. This is a life story of how friends, family and business don’t mix; a lesson learned the hard way. I recently taught a class about using hard money and two young motivated entrepreneurs were in the room. They were in Read More

Is a Home Equity Loan a Smart Move for You? – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – LOS ANGELES, CA – With home values rising, more Americans have equity in their homes says, Local Records Office. That has generated plenty of cheers from homeowners, and it’s also brought back the home equity line of credit as a popular option for the first time since before the Great Recession. Read More

The Things That Are in Demand in the Real Estate Market – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – LOS ANGELES, CA – When people usually think of real estate value they think of two forces; supply and demand. Local Records Office says, “Yes”, this is correct; however supply and demand only fall under the one of the four main categories that drive and depress real estate value. Supply and Read More

Open House Secrets That Will Sell Your House in 2016 – Local Records Office

These Secrets Hacks by A Professional Real Estate Agent Will Have Your House Sold in Days – Local Records Office   LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – Los Angeles, CA – When a home hits the market, one of the first tasks for the seller is to put on an open house says, Local Records Office. If Read More

Why Rent in Southern California Will Keep Rising? – Local Records Office

Rent in California Will Keep Going Up According to “Local Records Office” LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – Southern California or SoCal is known for the great weather and the nice beaches, but rent cost has been on the rise and will continue to increase in the following years says, Local Records Office. The average cost for Read More

Guide for Selling Your House the Best Way Possible – Local Records Office

Awesome List to Selling Your Home in 2016 – Local Records Office LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – These tips and tricks are for sellers that want to sell their home the easiest way with the least effort.   Make Your Price Reasonable   Post Good Photos   Make an Attractive Property Description   Post Accurate Technical Read More

This is How Big Bucks Are Being Made in Vacation Home Renting – Local Records Office

Vacation Homes Are Bringing In Big Money – Local Records Office LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – “With the housing market down in Los Angeles, now may be a good time to think about buying a second home,” says, Local Records Office. Investing in real estate still can be profitable. Not only are the current prices low Read More

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