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Dodge These 3 Mistakes When Buying Short Sale and You Will Succeed in 2017

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – We all want to succeed in what we do but sometimes we have to listen to other people’s advice to know the difference from right and wrong. Buying a short sale can be a great way to make a smart real estate purchase, given the conditions in today’s market. More frequently, Read More

3 Easy Ways to Attract Renters When Renting Out Your House or Apartment

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – There’s many ways to attract potential renters and thinking they will come to you without any work will never happen. Hope is not a strategy. I’m sure you’ve heard that many times before. Yet I can’t tell you how many real estate investors I speak with that tell me about the Read More

The Ultimate 2017 Landlord Checklist – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – I’m not saying I’m the best person for advice in being a great landlord but I have my share of experience. After years of doing rehabs, I’ve just purchased my first long-term rental property and put it on the market a few days ago. In preparation, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of Read More

Investing in Los Angeles Real Estate Is Known to Be a Good & Bad Idea for Many

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – I was born, and raised in Los Angeles, California in the late 70’s. I have been investing in real estate there for several years. I have an intimate knowledge of the people, economics, & the real estate market. I want to give the world a realistic idea of what is really Read More

Don’t Buy A Home Without Checking This Cheat Sheet to Prevent Buyers Regret

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE: Buying a home for you and your family is considered the American Dream right next to owning your own business. One of the biggest and most common mistakes first time homebuyers make is not having a good plan, potential homebuyers get so caught up in buying the first few homes they qualify Read More

4 Step Approach for Get your Investment to Appraise in 2017

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – “A common problem with rehab investors is getting their properties to appraise once the rehab is done” says, the pros at Local Records Office. This is true if your plan is to resell the home, but is especially true to those of us that will be refinancing the property. A bad Read More

Evaluating Rental Properties by the Numbers – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – In this article by the pros at Local Records Office we will be talking about evaluating rental properties. If you know me you know that I love rental property and believe that it should play a role in most people’s long-term wealth goals. Many people struggle with how to run numbers of Read More

Real Estate Horror Story by Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – This is one of the many horror stories people in real estate go through. Real estate is not all shine and glamor it has its bad too. A couple months ago I had a client bring me a deal to fund. He was pursuing a wholesale deal and the precursory buy or Read More

5 Hacks to Boost Your Rental Cash Flow – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – How would you like to give yourself a raise before the Holidays? Owning rental property is awesome for a lot of reasons, including the ability to literally give you more income Cash Flow by Renting to Own This is hands down the best way to get the most cash flow out of Read More

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