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How Do Prisoners Get So Buff After Having Bad Meals All the Time?

Eating bad and still getting gains. I have a friend that has been in and out of city and county jail, as well as state and federal prison his entire adult life. Great guy with a big heart; he just can’t help but make stupid decisions and get involved with the wrong people. Everything from Read More

What the Health

After What the Health, a new food documentary, was added to Netflix in June, it kicked up a stir in the health world. The film, directed by and starring filmmaker Kip Andersen, goes on the offensive against the prevalence of animal products and byproducts in the American diet, looking at the potential effects eating meat and dairy has on Read More

AIDS: Diagnosed in 1981

Bob Katz turned 65 years old this year. He’s a long-term survivor, having been infected with HIV at the very end of 1980. Katz is one of the lucky ones, having stayed mostly healthy since his diagnosis. “I had little symptoms and have been on medication since 1991,” he said. Katz also just went on Read More

Open Letter to Citrullinemia, A Rare Cycle Disorder

Dear Citrullinemia, Thank you. I know. I didn’t expect for me to say that either. “Thank you?” I don’t know. Something about that thing where time does something and things get easier and the hate kind of dissipates and this weird level of acceptance rolls in that you never, ever in a million years thought Read More

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine is Preventing Cancer in Adults

Key points for improving HPV vaccination rates and saving lives: Don’t miss your chance to prevent cancer. Recommend the HPV vaccine for all boys and girls at age 11-12. The vaccine is most effective at 11-12 — it gives the highest level of protection at that age. HPV associated cancers will affect 1 in 160 Read More

Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig) Smoking Restrictions Have Changed- Paper151

Through a study of middle and high school students, researchers have identified a series of risk factors that relate to continued use of e-cigarettes.  Published in the September 2016 Pediatrics, the study, “Reasons for Trying E-Cigarettes and Risk of Continued Use,” determined several factors based on race, gender, age, and reasons for first trying e-cigarettes.  Read More

PARENTING: How to Talk to Children About World Events

Children ages 6 to 11 need just basic facts and minimal exposure to media coverage, she said, adding that there are definite lessons from what children saw in the media following the September 11, 2001, attacks. She points to studies that found that children who had repeated and prolonged exposure to media images had more Read More

15 Benefits of Learning Psychology

1 Learning how people think People who go deep in psychology usually have better people understanding skills. This helps them avoid many conflicts, come close to the right ones and stay away from the wrong ones . 2 Getting a deep level of self understanding A person who studies psychology usually manages to understand his Read More

How to Burn Body Fat the Easy Way

Google “rapid fat loss” and prepare to be sucked down a rabbit hole of bovine droppings. I lost a pound a day, for one day, because I thought I was going to die. Conversely, I once saw a man profiled on CNN who also lost a pound a day – for 200 days straight. Claims Read More

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