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The Harshest Truth a Student Has Ever Taught Me as a Teacher

That I am not the unbiased person I thought I was. Let’s call him Bubba. He was in a required freshman year experience class that all faculty rotated teaching. I normally teach statistics and research methods. Students are required to write a paper on any topic, as a method of our gauging their knowledge of Read More

What Are Some Hallmarks of a Truly Educated Person?

What Are Some Hallmarks of a Truly Educated Person?

You can easily tell if someone is educated or not. Here are some of the hallmarks in my book. Educated people will listen more and talk less. When you ask them for an advice, they will ask lots of questions first to really understand the situation. Educated people care less about the materialistic things (cars, Read More

UC-Davis Chancellor Charged School Big Money For Lavish Travel

Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC-Davis, was placed on leave in April after an outcry over conflicts of interest, nepotism, and grossly unwise spending of the university’s money. It turns out she (and her husband) also enjoyed a great deal of international travel at the school’s expense. The chancellor of a public university is a public employee. Read More