Samyang 8mm Superwide Fisheye 180 Degree

The Samyang fisheye for Fuji X mount is a third party manual focus 8mm lens that allows for superwide and distorted fisheye photography at a low cost.

This lens, at around £250 is a great addition for anyone looking at add a fisheye to their Fuji kit, currently the widest you can go with a fuji lens is the 10-24mm but this extreme wide angle of 8mm gives you a 180 degree view of the world that when used sparingly and there right situations can be a beauty.

Note how I say sparingly I think this as the fisheye effect can quickly become boring and repetitive, but nonetheless it’s a cracking lens that can make some great images. I’ll also note that by keeping your horizon central you can avoid the traditional warped look of the fisheye and achieve a normal looking photo, all the photos in this post are with this lens so you should be able to see what I mean.

I recently visited Iceland where I took this lens along with me and I can safely say I’m glad I did, it allowed we a super wide option to use to get some really nice shots and with a lens this wide you can really put the viewer into the photo.

In terms of size and usability this lens is very small and feels good on the fuji XE1 the manual focus is not really an issues a lens this wide hardly needs focusing unless you are super close, oh and it’s really nice and sharp.

That’s really it for my short review, I like to keep that brief and focus on some photos so I’ll crack on with that, feel free to leave a comment below!