Reviewing the Iconic Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

At first glance the Canon EOS 70D may look like just another DSLR. But it’s oh so much more than that: the 70D wages all-out war against not only the rest of the mid-level DSLR market, but also has the technology to take on mirrorless models – often called compact system cameras – too.

How so? There’s a brand new sensor under the EOS 70D’s hood that comes complete with a Dual Pixel autofocus system said to make it more proficient in live preview and movie capture modes. It’s a DSLR for the new-wave.

But the 70D hasn’t forgotten its roots either: with stacks of top features on board – including a viewfinder-based autofocus system lifted from the well-respected EOS 7D – it sounds like a DSLR that’s learnt from the best while adsorbing the best tech today has to offer. Despite its all-too-familiar external appearance is the 70D the DSLR to earn its stripes and land a rank above the competition?

When we first picked up the EOS 70D it felt familiar. Yes there’s a 70D badge on the front, but otherwise it looks and feels a whole lot like the previous EOS 60D. The latter camera was the model to almost trivialise Canon’s tank-like build quality compared to the earlier 50D, in part to open up a greater point of difference from the top-spec 7D model.


Dual Pixel autofocus closes the live view gap between DSLR and CSC cameras – it’s very impressive, proven 19-point AF system works well in most lighting conditions, 7fps burst at full resolution with decent buffer, great image quality, responsive touchscreen, long-lasting battery life, weather-sealed construction


Not 100% FoV viewfinder, high ISO noise reduction a little rough, autofocus can unwontedly drift between subjects during movie capture, no headphone jack for audio monitoring, some overexposure, filters unavailable in raw + JPEG shooting, single SD, Wi-Fi functionality needs improving