Audit Finds 42 People Entered Into California State Gang Database Were Less Than One Year Old

An audit of California’s state gang database, CalGang, found 42 individuals in the database who were less than one year old at the time of of entry, 28 of whom are further classified as, “admitting to being gang members,” Voice of San Diego reports. A human baby typically utters its first word at around nine months Read More

How Many Square Feet Must Your House Be in Order For Your Child to Have Friends?

This question was posted today on, the best website on the internet, full of advice-seeking wealthy parents, some of whom are real. We have taken the liberty of inserting bracketed translations of the UrbanBaby jargon so that it may be more easily understood by you, the working class slobs. TODAY’S QUESTION. WWYD [WHAT WOULD YOU Read More

This Guy Spent $30,000 on Internet Memes

According to a new FEC filing, AlternativePAC, a super PAC formed by small government activist Matt Kibbe, spent $30,000 this week on “internet web memes” supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Now we know there is a price for Internet memes: it's $30k. cc @senatorshoshana — Derek Willis (@derekwillis) August 16, 2016 In June, Read More

What the Health

After What the Health, a new food documentary, was added to Netflix in June, it kicked up a stir in the health world. The film, directed by and starring filmmaker Kip Andersen, goes on the offensive against the prevalence of animal products and byproducts in the American diet, looking at the potential effects eating meat and dairy has on Read More

DIY Plumbing Repair Projects for Your Home – Local Records Office

DIY Plumbing Repair Projects for Your Home – Local Records Office

HARRISBURG, PA – Do-it-yourself projects aren’t always what they seem but with this easy DIY plumbing repair project from ’Local Records Office’ you’ll be repairing leaking pipes in no time. Leaking pipes won’t just run up your water bill, but can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage to floors, walls Read More

Los Angeles County Agrees to Host "2028 Summer Olympics

Los Angeles County Agrees to Host “2028 Summer Olympics”

The agreement will bring the Olympics back to Southern California for a third time, after Los Angeles hosted in 1984 and 1932. It also opens the door for the 2024 Games to be held in Paris. “It has been certainly a roller coaster,” L.A. bid chairman Casey Wasserman told The Times, adding that IOC officials “showed a Read More

Freebies and Deals for Colorado’s 141st Birthday

Colorado turned 141-years-old on Tuesday, and those of us lucky enough to live in the Centennial State are probably in a celebratory mood. There’s lots of talk about how Colorado has changed in recent years. But, if you want to see a big difference, you have to go back a bit further. Colorado became the 38th Read More

flying for the first time

Flying for the First Time? Here Are Some Obvious Things You Need to Know Before Getting on an Airplane

Flying for the first time could be exciting and nerve wrecking, sometimes we have to face our fears and just do it. We asked 5 real Reddit users who are frequent flyers for tips on how to deal with flying for the first time.   plus4dbu: I am very much an elitist when it comes to Read More

Make Fast Food Nuggets at Home

A chicken nugget is a chicken product made from chicken meat which is breaded or battered, then deep-fried or baked. Fast food restaurants typically fry their nuggets in vegetable oil.[1] Some fast food restaurants have launched vegetarian alternatives. McDonald’s served Garden McNuggets made of beans and Swedish fast food restaurant Max Hamburgare offers a dish Read More

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