How Do I Meet New People as A Shy Person?

It can seem hard to meet new people in college when you’re an introvert, but no matter how old you are or how shy you are around people, college is one of the best places to make new friends. Most people, not just introverts, have increasing difficulty meeting new people as they get older, and Read More

Reviewing the Iconic Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

At first glance the Canon EOS 70D may look like just another DSLR. But it’s oh so much more than that: the 70D wages all-out war against not only the rest of the mid-level DSLR market, but also has the technology to take on mirrorless models – often called compact system cameras – too. How Read More

15 Benefits of Learning Psychology

1 Learning how people think People who go deep in psychology usually have better people understanding skills. This helps them avoid many conflicts, come close to the right ones and stay away from the wrong ones . 2 Getting a deep level of self understanding A person who studies psychology usually manages to understand his Read More

How to Burn Body Fat the Easy Way

Google “rapid fat loss” and prepare to be sucked down a rabbit hole of bovine droppings. I lost a pound a day, for one day, because I thought I was going to die. Conversely, I once saw a man profiled on CNN who also lost a pound a day – for 200 days straight. Claims Read More

Warcraft (2016) HONEST REVIEW

I don’t want to give away anything, but my god was this movie amazing! The motion capture was superb, the acting superb, and the plot itself was great. For the Warcraft fans you will see plenty of easter eggs that will make you grin or laugh. Over all it’s what of my favorite movies I Read More

5 Signs You May Have Diabetes or Hypoglycemia

These are the 5 signs you may have Diabetes or hypoglycemia You feel suddenly weak or shaky Feeling suddenly weak or shaky is one of the better known signs of low blood sugar, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to notice. Weakness, particularly in the arms or legs, or a feeling of being jittery or Read More

How I Run and Prepare for a Marathon or Half Marathon

It’s race week! This is an exciting time. The main goal of race-week workouts is to strike a balance between resting and keeping the ball rolling (if you’re not used to taking days off in training, now is not the time to start doing it!). The ultimate objective is to arrive at the starting line Read More

Samyang 8mm Superwide Fisheye 180 Degree

The Samyang fisheye for Fuji X mount is a third party manual focus 8mm lens that allows for superwide and distorted fisheye photography at a low cost. This lens, at around £250 is a great addition for anyone looking at add a fisheye to their Fuji kit, currently the widest you can go with a Read More

Selling on eBay Hacks and Getting Double eBay Bucks 2016

I’ve noticed lots of commenters saying how they’ve already cut down on lunches, heat, etc. So what can you do next? If you’re already being frugal, the next step is to make money. I want you to get there, and today’s tip is designed to be a gradual step to earning more. It’s specifically intended Read More

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