Los Angeles County Agrees to Host "2028 Summer Olympics

Los Angeles County Agrees to Host “2028 Summer Olympics”

The agreement will bring the Olympics back to Southern California for a third time, after Los Angeles hosted in 1984 and 1932. It also opens the door for the 2024 Games to be held in Paris.

“It has been certainly a roller coaster,” L.A. bid chairman Casey Wasserman told The Times, adding that IOC officials “showed a real willingness to be thoughtful and creative.”

Initial reactions to the revised contract between the city and the IOC were mixed.

Andrew Zimbalist, an economist at Smith College in Massachusetts, believes that L.A. officials

“played their cards right.”

“They’ve gotten a bunch of concessions that are significant,”

said Zimbalist, who has been a critic of the Olympic movement in the past.

Others questioned whether local bid officials could have bargained for even more, and whether the public should have been given a voice in the recent negotiations.

“I wonder if this was a missed opportunity for more input,”

said Jules Boykoff, who teaches political science at Pacific University in Oregon and has studied previous Games.

“What did people want them to ask for?”

Monday’s announcement ended a tumultuous summer for the rival bid cities and Olympic leaders.



The Los Angeles 2024 Olympic Bid Committee formally announced on Monday the city has reached an agreement with the International Olympic Committee to host the 2028 Summer Games.

The decision means Paris will host the 2024 Olympics and marks the return of the Summer Games to the United States for the first time since 1996 in Atlanta. Los Angeles (1932, 1984, 2028) and Paris (1900, 1924, 2024) will join London as the only cities to host three Olympic Games.