How to Remove “Leave a Reply” and Hide “Comments” Section in WordPress

The Problem

I can’t believe how hard this is!

I’ve read a dozen posts with the same question and I couldn’t figure out to make any of the offered solutions work.

I am using Theme Twenty Ten 1.3 and I am building a website and not a blog, so I don’t want a reply box at the bottom of every page.

I don’t have any checked boxes under Settings – Discussion.

Many of the anwers I have found have recommended changing the php code.

I would love to try that except I have no idea where to start looking for this code. I feel like I have been on every page of my WordPress site 3 dozen times.

I just don’t understand why there isn’t a simple checkbox for removing the Leave a Reply box since WordPress is being used for websites as well as blogs now.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I know there must be an answer I can understand somewhere!


How to Fix it

If you wish to remove the comments/replies stuff directly, here’s the steps.

1) Open your ftp to: /wp-content/themes/twentyten or whatever theme dir your theme may be within.

2) Then open the loop-page.php, loop-single.php, and loop.php files. Search for the words ‘comments_template’. Comment out those lines by adding // to the front of them.

3) You can also try uploading a blank comments.php file… be sure to backup the org one first.

That should do it though.