flying for the first time

Flying for the First Time? Here Are Some Obvious Things You Need to Know Before Getting on an Airplane

Flying for the first time could be exciting and nerve wrecking, sometimes we have to face our fears and just do it. We asked 5 real Reddit users who are frequent flyers for tips on how to deal with flying for the first time.


plus4dbu: I am very much an elitist when it comes to air travel. I fly internationally frequently and get all the perks when it comes with that. This is harsh but let me save you some embarrassment: calm the fuck down and go have a seat when you get to your gate. Even when they start the boarding process that’s still not time for you to get up yet. The boarding process goes like this (for most airlines):

-Old people and babies
-Others who need more time than the average turtle to walk down the jet ramp
-The rich bastards and ultra elitists in first class
-Priority elitists who have status but not money
-People who want to think they are getting something special but are just labeled as Zone 1
-General boarding in the first half of the plane
-Thirty minutes later, everyone else probably including you and other first time flyers

When you get on board, remember what your seat number is. When you get to your row, step out of the aisle to let traffic flow past you while you throw everything in the overhead bin. Now sit down and don’t get up unless you have to pee.

Above all: be observant. Read the signage and listen to the directions. If you get to the airport about two hours before your flight you’ll have plenty of time to relax and take a nice stroll to your gate. Maybe even enough time to eat and explore the airport.


TalkTeddyToMe: Don’t wear jeans. As simple as this sounds, tight clothes restrict the bloodflow in an already cramped space. Just wear something loose fitting and comfortable, you aren’t there to impress anyone.


Also, wear layers. It’s cold as fuck in that pressurized cabin and you want to be able to stay warm. If you find yourself too warm, you can always take off some layers. Comfort is everything when you are stuck in a 3 hour fart cabin.


YourMoms_A_Throwaway: Stretch your arms before your flight. You don’t want to wear them out from all the flapping.


Aerron: Don’t feel like you have to talk to the person next to you. Smile, say hi, put in your earbuds and read something.

The aisle seat is nice because you can stretch your legs into it if no one is coming. Also, it’s easier to get up and go to the bathroom.

When drink service comes through, you can ask for the whole of soda.

Once the doors have been closed, you can switch seats if there’s an open one nearby.


SagebrushID: Twenty-four hours before your flight, you’ll need to check in online. You can download your boarding pass – either a paper pass that you print out yourself or you can have a QR code texted to you and save it to your phone (which you then show when going through security and when boarding).

You’ll need your ticket/boarding pass and picture ID to get through security. You can’t take more than 3 oz of any liquid (including toothpaste) in your carryons, so bring an empty water bottle. You’ll fill it up after you go through security. When going through security, you have to put all the contents of your pockets into a little tray, take off your shoes and belt and put them in bigger trays. Watch what other passengers do and follow suit.

You can bring two carryon items onto the plane. Most people have a smaller size suitcase that they stow in the overhead bins and a large purse or laptop that gets stowed under the seat in front of them. In my large purse, I carry what I’ll need on the plane and for a day after landing in case my checked luggage gets lost.

What will I need on the plane? Something to entertain me (book, music, cell phone with games). Water bottle (empty until after I go through security) and food. If it’s a long trip, I bring enough to cover 2-3 meals. A short flight, I bring snacks or one meal. Bagels with cream cheese or something else that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Airport food can be pretty overpriced and I got food poisoning at the Atlanta airport a couple of years ago so I’m reluctant to eat at airports now. And then there was the 8 hour flight that turned into a 30 hour ordeal and no one had food and we ran out of water.