When FBI Went on a Blind Hacking Spree, It Hacked Hundreds of Computers in Russia, Iran and China Too

The Federal Bureau of Investigation infiltrated computers in more than a hundred countries in 2015, with targets including Iran, China and Russia. The operation wasn’t about sabotaging the governments or spying on them but to take down a child porn ring. However, that might not be enough for the Bureau to justify going on an international mass hacking spree with suspects in countries hostile to the United States.

One warrant that allowed FBI to hack over 8,000 computers

During FBI’s Operation Pacifier in 2015 that involved taking down the notorious child pornography site called Playpen, the agency broke into a number of targets without first learning about the location of their suspects (which isn’t always possible). During this investigation, the US agency “broke into thousands of computers around the world to investigate child pornography,” The Daily Beast reports.