Cleveland Indian’s ‘Trevor Bauer’ Bloody Hand

Four batters into the game, drip, drip, drip it went, torture for Bauer, who understood what it meant. Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons asked home-plate umpire Brian Gorman to look at the finger, and out of the Indians’ dugout came manager Terry Francona, who said: “It’s not that bad!” At which point Gorman pointed to the pool of blood on the mound and stains all over Bauer’s pants and shoes and said: “That’s a lot of blood.” Which prompted Bauer to scream “F—!” because he knew he was done after only two outs.

And all of this, if you can believe, was a mere preamble of what was to come. Because the ensuing three hours, two minutes, the direct result of a single propeller on a quadcopter drone throttling when it shouldn’t have, offered an all-time great managing effort, which is saying something for Terry Francona, the man who stood in the dugout when the Boston Red Sox won their first championship in 86 years.