Cleaning Up Vagrant Campsite at Jolly Giant Creek

A jar of syringes, broken water pipes and a Jansport full of pornography are a few of the items removed during today’s cleanup efforts at a daylighted section of Jolly Giant Creek near downtown Arcata.

Arcata’s Creamery District, in partnership with Americorps, is removing brush and trash from the site behind the Arcata Hydro-Spray Car Wash, as well as installing a fence to prevent vagrants from reentering the area. Trees will also be planted at site, and the old storage sheds behind the creek have been coated with vibrant blue, yellow and purple paint. All supplies were donated by local businesses who support the project.

Derek Bond, who owns a mini-storage business in the neighborhood, said vagrants have been a recurring problem in the area.

“If there’s no presence, they’re here everyday,” Bond said. “One time I heard noise, so I came back here and a guy had dug out a hobbit hole in the grass and was living there.”