BEWARE: “DJ Havok” from Long Beach, CA Has Been Ripping Off People by Selling Copyright Instrumentals, According to a Upcoming Rapper

DJ Havok from Long Beach, CA is selling copyright instrumentals, according to a local rapper, Maxwell Brooks, 29, from the LBC. Brooks contacted us because according to him the local producer “DJ HAVOK” has been ripping people off for hundreds of dollars, Brooks told our reporters that DJ Havok took his money and in return gave him an instrumental by popular music producer Dr. Dre. This is the report that Maxwell Brooks told Paper151.

Please note that claims are not made by Paper151

Rapper Maxwell Brooks, 29, Long Beach, CA 11-21-17 AP / Images LLC



On  November 24 I send Dj Havok a DM on Instagram asking him if he had any instrumental beats for sale since he was claiming he’s the west coast “kept secret”. He replied right away and told me to come to his studio at 452 w Cowles st in Long Beach CA. 90813. When I got to Dj Havok’s so called studio he played me a few tracks and to be honest they weren’t that great most of the beats were incomplete and the melodies didn’t go with the kicks. After he saw that I wasn’t as interested as I once was he started playing a few more tracks from his white MacBook. The new beats sounded completely different from the rest, they kind of sounded like something DR. DRE will put together. After the fourth or fifth track I told myself Dj Havok might have something here. I purchased 2 beats for $10 each and headed home.


The next day I put my verses on top of Dj Havok’s beat and mastered it. By Nov 26 I uploaded my track to SoundCloud and I got a “copyright warning” saying:


“your sound XXXX may contain copyright material from ‘Dr. Dre’ “


I was confused since it wasn’t a DRE beat it was a DJ HAVOK beat. and that’s when it hit me DJ havok sold me a copyright track. I contacted Havok that day and he had blocked my number. I called him from my sister’s phone and he answered but quickly hung up.

“DJ Havok, stop claiming you work with Snoop only because he’s from LBC too, you’re a fraud and a fake who only smokes dope!”


On Monday November 27th I went to DJ Havok’s apartment on Cowles st to confront him and he wouldn’t open the door but I could see him peaking from the bottom of the window and I could smell the strong odor of cheap marijuana.


After searching online I realized that “DJ HAVOK” has been scamming people for awhile now here is another scam report on DJ havok i found on Ripoff Report and another on Scam Guard claiming people have filed police reports against DJ HavokA Reddit user also claimed DJ havok is a fraud see here


Dj HAVOK aka Jose from LBC needs to be stopped once and for all. He is scamming people out of hundreds of dollars. He claims to be “THE WEST KEPT SECRET” but all he does is smoke dope and sell other artist instrumentals. 


If anyone knows him stay away and call the proper authorities.

DJ HAVOK – The West Kept Secret – Long Beach, CA | Image provided by rapper “Maxwell Brooks, 29 | Image copyright belongs to Maxwell Brooks



Seems to us like the producer DJ Havok needs to get his things straight and stop selling things that might get him in deep sh*t.