Atiba Jefferson | Skateboarder | Uber Driver | Photographer | DJ

Life wasn’t always moving so fast for the 38-year-old Colorado native. 20 years ago, when his family was living off food stamps, he moved to California with his brother and best friend with the idea of landing a job as a 7-Eleven clerk. An extremely grateful, compassionate, and positive person, Jefferson attributes most of his success (and downfall) to his “love everyone” attitude. But loyalty, particularly to skateboarding, has served him well and is why he will always prefer thumb-gunning beers in alleyways to bottle service and first-class flights.

Despite all his popular success, Jefferson has maintained his roots in the things that truly make him happy: skateboarding, music, and basketball. And he keeps his personal interests at the forefront of every business decision he makes. He wanted a better camera bag, so he started Bravo. He drinks a lot of beer so he got involved with Saint Archer… But it can’t be that easy, you’ve got to eat right? He co-owns a restaurant in downtown LA, too, and that’s not all!