Month: February 2017

Google Honors Abdul Sattar Edhi the Late Pakistani Philanthropist

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist, ascetic, and humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs hospitals, homeless shelters, rehab centres, and orphanages across Pakistan. Born in Gujarat, British India, Edhi moved to Karachi where he established a free dispensary for Karachi’s low-income residents. Edhi’s charitable activities expanded in 1957 when an Asian flu epidemic Read More

How Do Neurotypical People Think?

I thought about this and consider myself neurotypical, but can honestly say I am not outgoing or an extrovert or into a lot of social situations and gatherings.  Everyone is different with there level of comfortness when in social settings.  I find it exhausting and I often wondered why I was this way, so I Read More

When Renting Your Property Goes Horribly Wrong – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – When it comes to renting your house or an apartment complex most landlords have had the terrible tenants. Now for some recommendations to arm you to do battle with tenants from hell who believe that by virtue of your ownership of the property you should become their private charity and allow rent-free Read More

Real Estate: How I Made $56,135 on 1 House Flip

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – You’ve probably heard hype-filled headlines like that in the real estate investing space before. And chances are pretty good you’ve gotten e-mails from “gurus” claiming even bigger profits. Yep, I know.   They come in my e-mail inbox nearly every day. I get way too many of them, in fact. The Read More

Dear Younger Me, Advice to My Younger Self

Dear Tim: I’m now in my mid-50s. This is a long read, but includes advice I wish I had known when I was 15. I’ve been blessed with an active and involved life, so I offer the following thoughts gained through much experience. I love you and hope you will find something useful here. 1. Read More

The Worst 2 Minutes of my Life

“Rachel, come here please. Quickly.” I sensed an air of desperation flood our dirty apartment as my biological mother croaked out her plea. I ran. “What?” She pulled me in, her head down towards her crossed legs, hunched over like Quasimodo. “I love you– so much. Do you hear me? I love you. I’m so Read More

Flipping Houses is Great Until You Grow Out of It – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – Growing out of flipping houses and making extra money? Yes, you read it right. Though I have experience in rehabbing real estate for profit, it’s not my cup of tea. I harbor deep respect for those who’ve been able to consistently pound out several a year over a long timespan. Regardless of Read More

Scamming a Scammer

I was on an international flight and got a rare miles-upgrade to business class, US to Asia, sitting next to a guy who said he was a businessman from Pakistan who had recently become a US citizen. He said that he owned a large Asia-based concrete/cement business. He was traveling to Asia because “his company Read More

Real Estate: Before Contracting a Contractor Read This

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – I flip about 15-20 houses per year, and on each flip, I use an average of ten contractors. That adds up to about 150-200 contracts per year that I need to write! I could probably save several hours of time by not writing contracts, but one major dispute with a contractor Read More

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