Month: July 2016

CANON: DSLR Camera Heaven at the Rio Olympics 2016

A room full of DSLR cameras is every photographers heaven Why do people love the Olympics so much? Sure there’s the breadth of international representation and one of the few times we all seem to get along under one roof, much less on one planet, but it’s the sheer soundbite quality to it all. Everything Read More

How to Remove “Leave a Reply” and Hide “Comments” Section in WordPress

The Problem I can’t believe how hard this is! I’ve read a dozen posts with the same question and I couldn’t figure out to make any of the offered solutions work. I am using Theme Twenty Ten 1.3 and I am building a website and not a blog, so I don’t want a reply box Read More

Topaz Labs Plug-Ins Tips and Filters for Photographers

Join Nichole Paschal as she demonstrates multiple editing workflows featuring Topaz products. She will be covering many tips and tricks, showing how Topaz can simplify and streamline creative processing to quickly enhance many different types of photographic images. We are happy to welcome back John Barclay, pro photographer and workshop leader, who will demonstrate how Read More