Month: November 2014

Annoying Bad Grammar You Might Be Using

Are you ever confused by “in person” or “in-person”? Many of us become confused, but these rules can help you decide. Alive and in person, personally, and in a personal appearance. When using the English language, do you ever have problems deciding whether in person or in-person is correct? Many of us do so, but Read More

Reviewing the Iconic Canon EOS T3I DSLR Camera (600D)

Canon EOS 600D review – Features Back in 2003 Canon pretty much single-handedly kick-started the DSLR consumer market into life with the launch of the EOS 300D. It was the first truly affordable DSLR, and its 6.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor was considered cutting edge at the time. Since then, Canon has evolved its triple-digit, mid-level Read More